Communications and Policy
The Communications and Policy Department oversees the Agency’s policy development and evaluation, internal and external reporting, quality control, legislative and public relations functions.

Accountable to the CHA Board of Commissioners, the Executive Department provides strategic vision, leadership and oversight to every facet of the Agency’s operations.

The Fiscal Department processes all of CHA’s financial transactions. The department promotes high standards of fiduciary responsibility, accurate record keeping and financial reporting.

Human Resources
The Human Resources Department provides support to CHA employees and recruits and hires competent, dedicated talent for the Agency. 

Leased Housing
The Leased Housing Department administers the Agency’s state and federal housing voucher programs. Housing vouchers help low-income households afford market rate rental units in and around Cambridge.

The Legal Department advises the Board of Commissioners, the executive director and staff on questions arising in the operation of the Authority, and represents the Agency in trial and appellate courts, and before various administrative agencies.

The Operations Department is responsible for managing and maintaining the Agency’s Federal and State Public Housing inventory, as well as managing the tenant selection process. Public Housing is an important asset for low-income families of Cambridge.

Planning and Development
The Planning and Development Department is responsible for securing funding and rehabilitating the Agency’s Federal and State Public Housing inventory, as well as developing new affordable rental housing for households on our waiting lists through CHA’s affiliate non-profits.

Resident Services
The Resident Services Department manages a wide range of programs designed to assist individuals and families in gaining the skills, experience, and education required to join the social and economic mainstream.