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Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) Letter to HUD to Support Regional MTW Designation

On August 12, the Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) research team submitted a letter to HUD Secretary Castro to support regional MTW designation for Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) and Boston Housing Authority (BHA).  CMTO is a collaborative partnership of academic researchers and housing practitioners from 17 public housing authorities across the country.  

CMTO is developing and piloting mobility interventions to increase moves to neighborhoods of opportunity for voucher holders. CMTO believes investment in and policies to improve opportunities in high-poverty neighborhoods are as critical as increasing moves to lower-poverty neighborhoods to improve upward economic mobility for low-income families.

The research team consists of Raj Chetty (Stanford University), Larry Katz and Nathaniel Hendren (Harvard University), Stefanie DeLuca (Johns Hopkins), Christopher Palmer (University of California, Berkeley), and Peter Bergman (Columbia University).   

( CMTO Support Letter for Regional MTW Designation )