CHA & Environment

The Cambridge Housing Authority is committed to integrating energy conservation and environmentally conscious design and operations into every aspect of its work.

These efforts include:

  • Deep Energy Retrofits at Sites like LBJ apartments reducing energy use at the development by more than 55% while also adding central air conditioning for the elder residents at the site;
  • Modernization projects at Jackson Gardens and Lincoln Way have included significant energy features and have earned Energy Star efficiency ratings;
  • Installation of Solar PV systems and cogeneration systems at several sites producing power that is used on-site and reducing the load on the electric grid;
  • Lighting Modernization projects at sites like Corcoran Park, Roosevelt Towers, Newtowne Court, and elsewhere have saved tens of thousands of Kilowatt Hours of electricity;
  • Resident recycling programs in partnership with the City of Cambridge Department of Public works have saved tons of materials from being thrown into the landfill;
  • Green Operations activities in site developments have included Integrated Pest Management Protocols reducing the use of pesticides, use of green cleaning products, and low VOC materials;
  • Reduction of paper usage in central office activities with the implementation of electronic document storage and scanning.

Getting Results

These efforts have resulted in a reduction of electricity consumption of 65% since the 1999 baseline and a 33% net operating cost savings across the utilities or $1.2 million in annual savings.

Greenhouse Gas reductions of 5,680 tons or the equivalent of taking 1,01 cars off the road each year.

Currently over 18% of CHA’s electricity is generated through on-site production.

Green Activities in Practice

As part of all its new modernization projects the CHA is producing Healthy Home Guides for its residents to help them learn about building features and best practices to maintain their homes.