Carpentry Services for Maintenance and Repairs at Various Locations

Invitation to Bid

Carpentry Services for Maintenance and

Repairs at Various Locations

The Cambridge Housing Authority (the Owner), invites sealed bids for Carpentry Services for Maintenance and Repairs at Various Locations, in Cambridge, MA in accordance with the specifications prepared by the Cambridge Housing Authority.

The purpose of this procurement is to select a contractor who is capable of performing various carpentry maintenance and repair services at any time when the CHA does not have the available resources to do so.  The types of services to be covered include, but are not limited to, installation and fabrrication of walls an structures using wood, steel and concrete; installation of sheetrock and panel sheathing of varying types; plaster and joint compound application; installation of flooring tiles, carpet, VCT; masonry products and ceiling tiles of various types; minor roof repairs of asphalt, wood shingle, slate and rubber materials; repairs to windows, window covering, shades, blinds, etc.  When requested, a  written estimate shall be provided prior to commencement of work.  Projects estimated to cost greater than $10,000 will be bid separately under the auspices of MGL Ch. 149.  The service contract will only cover jobs with a total cost of less than $10,000 per job inclusive of all parts, supplies, materials, labor, etc.  Any job over this amount must follow the required competitive procurement procedures.

The not-to-exceed value of this contract is $100,000.00 and the term of the contract will be for a period of one year, or until funds are fully expended, whichever occurs first.  Contractors must be in business as a corporation or company for a minimum of five (5) years in order to be eligible.  Bids will be subject to M.G.L. c. 149 Section 44A to J inclusive to the Davis Bacon Wage Determination rates.

Contract documents will be available for pick-up at (may be viewed electronically and hardcopy requested) or at Nashoba Blue, Inc. Phone: (978)568-1167 beginning Thursday, November 24, 2021, after 10:00 AM.  This project is being electronically bid, hard copies will not be accepted.  Please review the instructions in the bid documents on how to register as an electronic bidder.  The bids are to be prepared and submitted at  Tutorials and instructions on how to complete the electronic bidding documents are available online under “Tutorial” tab at the footer.  There is no charge for documents.

All bids should be submitted electronically online at and received no later than Thursday, December 16, 2021 by 11:00 AM and publicly opened online forthwith.  Every bid shall be accompanied by a Bid Deposit not less than five (5%) of the greatest possible bid amount and made payable to Cambridge Housing Authority.

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