Deck Repairs at Lincoln Way




The Cambridge Housing Authority, as Managing Agent for its affiliate properties, is soliciting
quotes for Deck Repairs at Lincoln Way in according with the documents prepared by the Cambridge
Housing Authority. The scope of work includes, but not limited to, repairing and shoring up two
cantilevered exterior decks that were improperly flashed when originally constructed. Located in
West Cambridge, Lincoln Way is a 60-unit family development which is fully occupied.

The work is estimated to cost between $20,000-$25,000. Bids are subject to M.G.L. Chapter 149
§44A-J and to the Davis Bacon wage determination rates attached to the bid documents. The project
will require 50% Payment Bond if the submitted contract amount is over $25,000.00.

Contract Documents will be available beginning Wednesday, July 6, 2022 after 10:00 AM. Contractors
requesting the bid specification can e-mail their request to Tim Smith: tsmith@cambridge- There is no charge for the bid documents. Please include the company name, address,
telephone number, and contact person in the request.

A site visit has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 11:00 AM. Interested parties will
meet at the Management Office located at 100 Lincoln Way, Cambridge, MA 02138. Although not
mandatory, Contractors are encouraged to visit the site of the proposed work and become fully
acquainted with the conditions as they exist in order to fully understand conditions, restrictions,
and difficulties attending the execution of the work under this contract. By submitting a quote,
the bidder warrants that he has examined the site and bid documents and, that the bid documents are
adequate, and the required result can be produced as written. No increase in the contract sum nor
claim for damages due to delay will be permitted as a result of the contractor’s failure to
accomplish any or all of these requirements. The work will be awarded to the Eligible and
Responsible contractor who submits the lowest quote for the full statement of work. The
construction period will be thirty (30) calendar days from Notice to Proceed.

Contractors must be in business a minimum of five years in order to be eligible to bid on the
project. The work will be awarded to the Eligible and Responsible contractor who submits the lowest
quote for the full statement of work.

Each bidder shall base their bid on the timely progression and completion of the work within the
time for completion of the work as stated in the specification.

All general bids are subject to provisions of MGL Chapter 149 §44A-J. All other applicable state
laws, municipal ordinances, and rules and regulations of all authorities having jurisdiction over
construction of the project shall apply to the contract throughout and will be deemed to be
included in the contract as if
itten out in full.

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Quotes are due no later than Wednesday, July 20, 2022 by 11:00 AM. Quotes should be emailed to the
attention of Tim Smith at:

The time of acceptance of the bid by the Cambridge Housing Authority is 30 days from the date
quotes are due. The contract is subject to appropriation of adequate funds, and may be cancelled in
the event such funds are not available.

The Awarding Authority reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informalities
in the bidding if it is in the public interest to do so. The Awarding Authority also reserves the
right to reject the bids if less than three bids are received.

No interpretations of the meaning of the plans, specifications, or other documents shall be made to
any bidder orally. Every request for such interpretation must be in writing. All requests should be
submitted to: Tim Smith at


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