Lease Rooftop Space at Various Locations – RE-BID

Cambridge Housing Authority
Request for Proposals
Lease Rooftop Space at Various Locations – RE-BID

The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) is soliciting proposals from firms to lease rooftop space at one or more CHA public housing developments in the Cambridge area for the transmission and reception of telecommunication and Internet signals. Interested parties will submit a proposal to provide in-kind Internet services as part of their fee. It will be the vendor’s responsibility to manage the site in a mutual agreement between the firm and the Cambridge Housing Authority. The vendor will be responsible for the installation, maintenance, administration and security of the antenna site(s). The lease and use of these spaces will be on a non-exclusive basis and multiple awards may be made depending on available space.
Proposals will be available beginning Wednesday, April 28, 2021 after 10:00 AM. Firms requesting the proposal can e-mail their request to Dawn Brown: or Donna Gallant: There is no charge for the RFP which will be email electronically. Please include the company name, address, telephone number, and contact person in the request. Questions about the RFP will be due no later than Wednesday, May 12, 2021 by 3:00 PM. Due to COVID-19, all proposals will be sent electronically and responses to the RFP will be submitted electronically.

The term of this contract will be for five (5) years with the option to renew for two additional (5) year terms at the sole discretion of the Cambridge Housing Authority.

Firms can submit their proposal electronically to Donna Gallant at: until May 28, 2021 at 2:00 PM. In the body of the email, vendors should clearly identify the name of the project “Proposal to Lease Rooftop Space” with the name of the firm. In compliance with Chapter 30B, Section 16, proposals will be opened and read aloud.

The time of acceptance of the proposal by the Cambridge Housing Authority is sixty (60) days from the date of the receipt. Award of the contract is conditioned on approval by the Cambridge Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners. Pursuant to Chapter 30B, Section 16, the contract will be awarded to the responsive and responsible firm who meets the criteria requirements and whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the Cambridge Housing Authority, taking into consideration the firm’s experience, staff capacity, references as well as price.

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