The Cambridge Housing Authority, as Owner and managing agent for the affiliate properties, invites bids for Painting Vacant Units at Various Locations, in Cambridge, MA in accordance with the bid documents as written by the Cambridge Housing Authority.  The term of this contract will be for one year, or until the funds are fully expended whichever occurs first.  The Cambridge Housing Authority reserves the right to award one or more contracts for these services and the maximum upset value of each contract will be $50,000.00.  Due to the value of each contract, this is not a sealed bid.


The awarded contractor(s) will be responsible for properly preparing and painting vacant units in sizes ranging from studio units to six-bedroom units.  The scope of work will include, but not be limited to, sanding, and scraping loose or peeling paint, filling all existing cracks, thoroughly cleaning walls, and protecting fixtures and devices from application of paint. See bid documents for complete description.


To view vacant units, please contact Dawn Brown at: by Tuesday, November 30, 2021, by 2:00 PM.  Due to COVID restrictions, vendors interested in viewing the vacant units, must adhere to CDC guidelines currently in place for interior spaces which includes wearing face mask and practice social distancing.  A date and time will be established for interested vendors.


Due to COVID-19, all written quotes must be received electronically no later than Thursday, December 9, 2021 by 11:00 AM.  Any bids received after this date and time will be considered unresponsive.  Due to the value of this contract, this is not a sealed bid process and bids can be emailed to Dawn Brown:  The time of acceptance of the bid by the Cambridge Housing Authority is 30 days from the date of bid opening.  No bids may be withdrawn during this acceptance period, without the permission of the CHA.  The CHA will evaluate the bids based on price, responsiveness, and responsibility of bidder (as determined by reference checks).

Award of the contract is conditioned on approval by the Cambridge Housing Authority’s Executive Director.  The contract is subject to appropriation of adequate funds and may be cancelled in the event such funds are not available.


Each bidder shall visit the site of the proposed work and become fully acquainted with the conditions as they exist to fully understand conditions, restrictions, and difficulties attending the execution of the work under this contract.  By submitting a bid, the bidder warrants that he has examined the site, and specifications are adequate, and the required result can be produced under the specifications No increase in the contract sum nor claim for damages due to delay will be permitted as a result of the contractor’s failure to accomplish any or all of these requirements.


Each bidder shall base his bid on the timely progression and completion of the work within the time for completion of the work as stated in the specification.


The Awarding Authority reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informalities in the bidding if it is in the public interest to do so.  The Cambridge Housing Authority also reserves the right to reject the bids if less than three bids are received.


A payment bond in the amount of 50% of the contract amount will be required to the awarding vendor if contract amount is over $25,000.


The wages paid to all employees on this project shall not be less than the Davis Bacon Wage Rates.  Refer to wage rate schedule in the Project Specification.




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