Permanent Supportive Housing Social Services Provider

The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) is seeking qualified provider with relevant experience to provide permanent supportive housing services to serve elderly, disabled, and formerly homeless individuals who will be residing at 116 Norfolk Street near Central Square starting in 2023 upon completion of its rehabilitation. 116 Norfolk currently houses 38 individuals and has the potential to add approximately 25 new apartments for individuals. Included in these services is direct assistance to the CHA and design team prior to and during the design phases of the project (roughly February- September 2021) in order to ensure that the physical design and program of the residential building will function at the highest levels for this special needs population.

Relevant experience should include, but is not limited to:

  • administering, managing, and providing direct supportive services to formerly homeless individuals, elderly individuals, and disabled individuals;
  • positive and proven track record providing service coordination for clients as they transition from homelessness to housing;
  • providing leadership in programming spaces in renovated and new developments for special needs populations including elderly and disabled residents;
  • expertise identifying and accessing required levels of funding to pay for service coordination and service provision for the varied resident groups listed above including but not limited to CSPECH;
  • positive and proven track record in addressing concerns of neighbors and community organizations;
  • direct experience with the Cambridge Coordinated Access Network (C-CAN) protocol for registering and housing individuals in the City’s Network;
  • developing and tracking outcome measures and evaluation criteria to determine the value of the services and promote best practices for supportive services for the target population.
  • in tax credit financed developments

On a parallel track, the CHA is working with an experienced design team to guide and lead the design outcomes for the property’s rehabilitation and expansion. The selected service provider will assist CHA and the design team in developing and finalizing a program for the property. The CHA is committed to ensuring the viability of the existing building for at least 30 years by repairing or replacing the building envelope and major systems while incorporating sustainable and energy efficient options wherever possible and practical. Unit and common interior modernization will increase livability and use for at least 20 years. The CHA is also exploring increasing the supply of affordable housing in Cambridge by building new housing, either through an addition or stand-alone building, on the site.

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