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The Cambridge Housing Authority, the Awarding Authority, invites sealed bids from Plumbing Contractors to provide on-call maintenance and repairs at various locations for the Cambridge Housing Authority in Cambridge Massachusetts, in accordance with the documents prepared by the Cambridge Housing Authority. The value of the contract is $100,000.00 or one year, whichever occurs first.

The awarded contractor will be responsible for providing the CHA with a variety of plumbing services, in full accordance with the terms of the specification, at the Authority’s buildings in Cambridge, and directed by an authorized CHA staff person. The work will include, but not be limited to, maintenance and replacement of parts and equipment related to plumbing systems, providing tests and/or inspections for any agency which has jurisdiction over the authority, providing emergency maintenance service, etc. Contractors must be in business as a corporation or company a minimum of five (5) years to be eligible for consideration.

Bid forms and contract documents will be available at on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 10:00 AM (may be downloaded and viewed electronically).


NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE AWARDING AUTHORITY. Bids must be electronically submitted at Additional instructions to complete the other bid forms are accessible on the Procore website. If you need to contact the Cambridge Housing Authority on any other bidding issues, please contact

Deadline for General Bidder questions shall be submitted by Wednesday, March 13, 2024, by 2:00PM. Questions received after the above deadlines may not be considered by the Awarding Authority. No interpretations of the meaning of the plans, specifications or other pre-bid documents shall be made to any bidder orally. Every request for such interpretation must be in writing. Questions concerning this project must be submitted to dbrown@cambridge-

Bids will be subject to M.G. L. c.149 Section 44A to J inclusive and to the Davis Bacon Wage Determination Rates. All bids should be submitted electronically online at and received no later than Friday, March 22, 2024 by 2:00 PM. Every bid shall be accompanied by a Bid Deposit not less than five (5%) of the greatest possible bid amount and made payable to the Cambridge Housing Authority.

The time of acceptance of the bid by the Cambridge Housing Authority is 30 days from the date of the bid opening. The award of the contract will be based on the responsive and responsible bidder who offers the lowest hourly rate during normal business hours. The award of the contract is conditioned on approval by the Cambridge Housing Authority’s Executive Director. The contract is subject to the appropriation of adequate funds and may be cancelled in the event such funds are not available.

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