Quality Control and Technical Services




The Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) as Owner and Manager for its affiliate properties, seeks one or more qualified consultant firms to assist in providing (1) Quality Control & Monitoring Services and (2) Technical Operations and Management Assistance.  Consultants may submit proposals to provide services in one or both of these areas.  Consultants may apply as individuals or in teams.  For Quality Control and Monitoring Services, the successful firm needs to demonstrate the ability to assist in developing and implementing appropriate program assessment and monitoring procedures, both specific to MTW and specific to current applicable, federal regulations.  Firms submitting proposals for Technical Operations and Management Assistance need the ability to provide technical and programmatic assistance in all facets of the Authority’s operations including public housing and voucher management, finance, procurement, and voucher administration.  Review and advise on regulatory changes, and provide staff training and assistance in implementing revised and/or current policies and procedures. 

Proposals will be available beginning Monday, November 21, 2022 after 10:00 AM.  Companies requesting the proposal can e-mail their request to Donna Gallant:  dgallant@cambridge-housing.org or Dawn Brown:  dbrown@cambridge-housing.org.  There is no charge for the RFP.  Please include the company name, address, telephone number, and contact person in the request.  Due to COVID-19, all proposals will be sent electronically and responses will be submitted electronically.  The term of the contract will be for one year, with the option to renew for four (4) additional one year terms, at the sole discretion of the Cambridge· Housing Authority, and providing adequate funding. 


Proposals will be received ELECTRONICALLY until Tuesday,  December 13, 2022 by 10:00 AM.  Firms should e-mail their Qualifications Proposal to Donna Gallant at:  dgallant@cambridge-housing.org and submit their Price Proposal to Dawn Brown at:  dbrown@cambridge-housing.org.  In the body of each e-mail, vendors should clearly identify the Qualifications Proposal or Cost Proposal with the name of the firm.  At that time all proposal responses will be recorded and taken under advisement.  PLEASE ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME FOR PROPOSALS TO BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY. 

In compliance with Chapter 30B, Section 6, the contract will be awarded to the most advantageous proposal from a responsive and responsible firm who meets the minimum criteria requirements and whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the Cambridge Housing Authority, taking into consideration the firm’s experience, staff capacity, references as well as price.   

Award of the contract is conditioned on approval by the Cambridge Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners.   The contract is subject to appropriation of adequate funds and may be cancelled in the event such funds are not available.  The CHA will have a period of sixty days from receipt of the proposals to award the contract.  Please see RFP for additional information.   



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