Real Estate Acquisition Program

The three non-profit affiliates of the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA), Cambridge Affordable Housing Corporation (CAHC), Essex Street Management, Inc. (ESMI), and Kennedy Management Inc. (KMI) (hereinafter “the Affiliates), are accepting proposals for acquisition of properties and parcels in Cambridge, Massachusetts and surrounding communities within twenty miles of Cambridge to develop and/or preserve affordable housing. The affiliates seek to acquire all unit mixes of housing but will give higher priority to two and larger units that are suitable for families. The affiliates are also seeking properties that could possibly be expanded to include new developments of affordable housing or meet a specialized need such as permanent supportive housing, temporary housing, etc.

Proposals must be prepared according to the objectives set out in this RFP.

The Affiliates may select properties for acquisition from more than one proposal, and from any proposal deadline periods. The Affiliates may also select only some properties in a proposal.  CHA reserves the right to identify which of the three Affiliates will be the entity to proceed with acquiring any real estate property resulting from a response to this RFP.

Submission Deadline — Proposals will be due at the Cambridge Housing Authority, Planning and Development Department, 3rd, Attn: Margaret Donnelly Moran, on a rolling basis and considered no later than 12:00 PM on every Friday from March 22, 2024 through March 27, 2026.

Please submit the following information to view details:

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