Site Improvements at JFK Apartments

Cambridge Housing Authority, in its capacity as managing member, acting on behalf of JFK Apartments LLC, the Owner and Awarding Authority, invites sealed bids for Project #23-jfk-001 Site Improvements at JFK Apartments, at John F. Kennedy Apartments, 55 Essex Street, Cambridge, MA in accordance with the documents prepared by BWA Architecture.

The project consists of Site Improvement, Paving, Storm Drainage, Curbs, Sidewalks, and Ramps.

The work is estimated to cost $230,000.

All bids are subject to federal minimum wage rates as required by the Secretary of Labor pursuant to the Davis-Bacon Act and included in the project specifications.

General bids shall be accompanied by a bid deposit not less than five (5%) of the greatest possible bid amount and made payable to JFK Apartments LLC.  A 50% payment bond will be required for the awarded contract.

Please submit the following information to view details:

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