Willow Street Homes Exterior Painting

CHA Willow Street Homes – Exterior Painting Sorensen Partners
42-68 Willow Street March 24, 2021
Cambridge, MA



Painter is Prime Contractor

Willow Street Homes Exterior Painting

Cambridge Housing Authority, in its capacity as managing member, acting on behalf of CHA RAD Properties LLC, the Owner and Awarding Authority, invites sealed bids for Exterior Painting at 42-58 Willow Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in accordance with the documents prepared by Sorensen Partners.

The project consists Exterior painting and selective siding replacement.

The work is estimated to cost $155,000.

General bidders must be certified by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) in the following category of work: Painting.

Bids must include a Contractor Update Statement, (DCAMM Form CQ3).

Bids are subject to M.G.L. c.149 §44A-J and to minimum wage rates as required by the Secretary of Labor pursuant to the Davis-Bacon Act and included in the project specifications. Bids shall be accompanied by a bid deposit not less than five (5%) of the value of the total bid and made payable to CHA RAD Properties LLC. A 100% payment bond and a 100% performance bond will be required for the awarded contract.

Bids will be received until Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 2:00PM and publicly opened on-line, forthwith. THIS PROJECT IS BEING ELECTRONICALLY BID AND HARD COPY BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE AWARDING AUTHORITY. Bids must be
electronically submitted at www.biddocsonline.com. At any time during the bidding process, you may print the various bid documents for your company’s records.

Additional instructions to complete the other bid forms are accessible on the BidDocs ONLINE website (Click on the “Tutorial” tab at the bottom footer).

Filed Sub trades for this project shall be: None

Bid forms and contract documents will be available for pick-up at www.biddocsonline.com on Thursday, April 8, 2021 after 10:00AM (may be viewed electronically and hard copy requested).

There is a plan deposit of $50 per set (maximum of two sets) payable to BidDocs ONLINE Inc. Deposits may be electronically paid or must be a certified or cashier’s check. This deposit will be refunded for up to two sets for general bidders upon return of the sets in good condition within thirty (30) days of receipt of general bids. Otherwise the deposit shall be the property of the Awarding Authority. Additional sets may be purchased for $50.

Bidders requesting Contract Documents to be mailed to them shall include a separate check for $40.00 per set for UPS Ground (or $65.00 per set for UPS overnight), payable to BidDocs ONLINE Inc. to cover mail handling costs. You must REGISTER to receive notification of addenda. To register, click on the “Request Hard Copy” button or “Register as ePlan Holder” button. If you register, you will automatically be notified via email when an addendum is posted.

No interpretations of the meaning of the plans, specifications or other pre-bid documents shall be made to any bidder. Every request must be in writing. Questions concerning this project shall be submitted via email to Marie Sorensen at CHA@sorensenpartners.com. Deadline for questions shall be Friday, April 16, 2021 at 2:00PM.

A site visit for all interested bidders will begin at 42-58 Willow Street, Cambridge, MA 02141 on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at
10:00AM. All bidders are invited and encouraged to attend. Attendees of the site visit should RSVP to Devin Chausse at (617) 401-4308 or dchausse@cambridge-housing.org. Attendees will need to pass and sign a COVID screening questionnaire to enter the building. Per City of Cambridge ordnance and CHA policy, attendees must wear face coverings. Social distancing practices will be observed during the site visit.

Bids shall remain in effect for 60 days, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays excluded after opening. Successful bidders shall agree to commence work and complete the Work in accordance with the dates set forth in the Bidding Documents and Contract Documents.

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