Cafe Luna and CHA Partner Again to Provide 100 Hot Thanksgiving Meals to Residents


Cafe Luna continued its annual tradition of donating 100 Thanksgiving meals to Cambridge Housing Authority residents, this time benefiting individuals and families living at Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt Towers. Organized by Karrie Canavan, Deputy Director of Operations at CHA, this consistent effort reflects a commitment to community well-being.

The Cambridge Housing Authority appreciates Cafe Luna’s ongoing involvement, recognizing their dedication to supporting the CHA community. This ongoing tradition echoes the essence of Thanksgiving, emphasizing shared values and a sense of collective care.

As the aroma of the meals gently drifted through the common areas, CHA property staff actively participated by serving the food to residents. This hands-on approach added a personal touch, allowing residents to experience the warmth of compassion during the festive season.

The partnership between Cafe Luna and CHA stands as a steady example of community support, contributing to the Thanksgiving spirit in Cambridge year after year.