Cambridge Housing Authority Releases Virtual Flip Book Showcasing Archive Images from the Agency’s Past


In a nod to its storied history as a public housing agency and its deep community roots, the Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) has unveiled an innovative digital project – a virtual flip book. This creative endeavor takes viewers on a journey through time, showcasing carefully curated photographs from the CHA’s archives.

Established in 1935, the CHA has been a stalwart provider of affordable housing in Cambridge, and this digital flip book pays homage to its rich legacy. From its early housing developments to contemporary community programs, the images encapsulate the agency’s unwavering commitment to residents and the city.

By engaging with its past, CHA aims to inspire and shape future initiatives. The stories of resilience, cooperation, and progress depicted in the photographs serve as valuable lessons to guide the agency’s ongoing efforts as a pillar in the city of Cambridge.

Moreover, this project is a testament to transparency and collaboration, reinforcing the importance of community engagement in public housing agencies.

Click on the following link to view the virtual flip book: