CHA Board Approves Revised CHA Lease and Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy


In January 2014, CHA submitted a memorandum to its Board of Commissioners, articulating proposed revisions to the Federal Public Housing Lease and opening a public comment period.  During the comment period (through May 2014), CHA held working sessions with the Technical Assistance Committee and met with residents at city-wide meetings to solicit comments and feedback regarding the proposed revisions. 

CHA submitted these revisions to its  Board of Commissioners and received approval of the new lease on September 10, 2014. Under RAD, new leases will need to be executed, because, in part, the ownership entity will change, there may be low income housing tax credit provisions to add, and the community service requirement (and related requirement of one year leases) will no longer apply.  

Prior to signing the new lease, residents will receive a Notice of Amendment, informing them of the requirement to sign a new lease. In addition residents will also receive a ‘Quick Guide’ of changes to the lease, and a summary of the contents of the lease by chapter. The timeline for distribution and signing of the new lease will be through the month of October, with all leases signed and in effect November 1, 2014.  Once the leases are signed, CHA will focus on the proposed revisions to the ACOP, preparation for the RAD conversion, and the process of recertification for residents.  

Follow the links below to download the lease in its entirety (with attachments) and the supporting documents. If you have questions about these documents, please contact your CHA property manager or email Naomie Stephen,

Lease 2014 (w/attachments)

Notice of Lease Amendment

‘Quick-Guide’ to Lease Changes

Summary of Lease by chapter

Schedule of Maintenance Charges 2014

Public Comments and CHA Responses