Weimon Chi - Leased Housing

CHA’s Leased Housing programs serve over 2000 low-income family, elderly and disabled households at an annual cost of approximately $34 million. The Leased Housing Department administers the federal Housing Choice Voucher program (often referred to as “Section 8”), the federal Project Based Assistance program (PBA), the federal Single Room Occupancy program (SRO), the state Alternative Housing Voucher program (AHVP) and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher program (MRVP).

The Leased Housing Department also administers the Sponsor Based Voucher program, a special program designed by CHA to help local service providers offer shelter and supportive services to hard to house individuals not typically served by traditional subsidized housing programs.

Leased Housing Staff

Weimon Chi - Leasing Officer II

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Leasing Officer II Work Phone: 617-401-4307