Tenant Organizations

Active, organized residents and voucher holders are important to the successful administration and management of CHA’s affordable housing programs. CHA’s two tenant organizations are the public housing Tenant Councils and the Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT).

Tenant Councils

The Tenant Councils are formal representative bodies created and governed by public housing residents. Tenant Councils often act as intermediaries between CHA administrators and residents, particularly when CHA is considering significant policy reforms or modernization work.

Tenant Councils help inform residents of CHA plans and share residents’ feelings about planned policy or modernization initiatives.

Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) 

The Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT) is the citywide tenant organization. ACT’s Board is made up of public housing residents and voucher holders. Like the Tenant Councils, ACT provides public housing residents and voucher holders a way to communicate their concerns and questions in a formal, organized way.


Alliance of Cambridge Tenants (ACT)
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 391078, Cambridge, MA 02139
Office address: 135 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
Email: allianceforcambridgetenants@gmail.com