Corcoran Park Modernization

At Corcoran Park, the CHA is working with Architecture & Engineering firm, Studio G Architects, to conduct an analysis of the property’s “Existing Conditions” and to develop various options to renovate the property.

The Existing Conditions study is intended to inform the CHA about the condition of the buildings and site. This information enables the agency to be aware of and plan for capital needs at the property now and over the next 20 years. No scope or plans for future renovation work are defined at this point; though the Existing Conditions Study has identified a significant list of work needed at the site. CHA will be meeting with Corcoran Park residents to review the findings and to discuss a final approach to address the needs during the 2021 with the hope that construction could begin in later 2022 or early 2023 depending upon the availability of funding. The work currently underway is strictly information gathering.

Key design and meeting documents can be found below.

For general questions about the Corcoran Park revitalization, please contact Carsten Snow-Eikelberg at 617-520-6259 or

General Information