RAD at Manning Apartments

Frank J, Manning Apartments is a 19-story, 199 unit public housing development for elderly and disabled residents in the Cambridgeport neighborhood. The building was initially occupied in 1976, and is built of a cast-concrete plank system with an electric heating system, which is now inefficient and obsolete. The building has received only limited improvements and requires comprehensive renovations to its facade and core systems, as well as significant improvements to unit interiors and common spaces.

RAD Conversion Date: March 2016
Construction Start Date: October 2015
Date of Completion: Mid-2018

Architect: BH+A, Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype, Inc., Boston, MA
Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction, Boston, MA

Relocation: Manning Apartments will remain approximately 65% to 75% occupied during the construction period. CHA has asked for volunteers from Manning Apartments to move off-site to another CHA development or to Section 8 housing during the construction while work proceeds.  Residents who relocate off-site are guaranteed the option to return at the completion of construction.  Construction began in early 2016, and will last for approximately 32 months.

A relocation plan and agreement was developed with the Manning residents, Alliance of Cambridge Tenants, Cambridge Somerville Legal Services and CHA.  It was approved by Manning residents on 9/16/14 and the CHA Board on 9/24/15. Follow the link below to view the plan.

Click here for a summary of the work being done at Frank J. Manning Apartments.

For general questions about the Revitalization of Frank J. Manning Apartments, please contact Clara Fraden at 617-520-6346 or email cfraden@cambridge-housing.org.

For relocation related questions please contact Camille Perry at 617-405-5553 or email cperry@cambridge-housing.org or Rashida Golden Jolly at 617-405-5554 or email rjolly@cambridge-housing.org.

10.8.15 – NEW! Follow the link here to download the Manning Design Review Presentation 

Frank J. Manning Apartments