Anne McInnes - Resident Services

Along with safe, high quality affordable housing, CHA provides residents and voucher holders a variety of supportive services and economic development resources.

Many of CHA’s resident programs are offered in partnership with local service organizations. These community partnerships minimize cost, streamline services, and help create successful outcomes.

Our resident services programs are thoughtfully designed for the specific needs of household members of all ages and abilities. For example, CHA’s Operations Department has a separate administrative arm specifically designed to provide services to CHA‘s elder residents. This approach to resident services lets us plan and implement services tailored to our population’s specific recreational, social, and educational needs.

Services For Children & Adults

CHA, together with many of the City’s service organizations, offers a host of educational, social, recreational, vocational, athletic, and self sufficiency programs for residents and voucher holders of all ages.

CHA Partnership Programs

CHA collaborates with several partners within the Cambridge community to expand our available resident resources.

Resident Services Staff

Anne McInnes - Service Coordinator

Service Coordinator Work Phone: 617-576-6755