Featured Tweet: New Millers River Community Room Progress


This featured CHA post on Twitter features a before photo of the new Millers River community room frame taken in winter 2019 (left) next to an updated construction photo from July 2021 (right).

Here is a little more about the modernization of Millers River Apartments taken from our ‘Current Construction Projects‘ page under the ‘I’d Like To…’ tab on the main menu bar:

Construction on the 300 units at Millers River started in January 2019, and is scheduled to be completed in early 2022. Work is proceeding from the top of the building down. As of January 2021, work will have been completed in Floors 13 through 19. Every building system is be replaced or upgrade and a new air conditioning system installed. The building is being cladded with an insulated metal panel. New community center is being constructed as an addition to the building. Thirteen new handicapped accessible units will be constructed as part of the construction work.