Information for Voucher Holders

Recertification Process

Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) is required to regularly review household income and family composition of each household in the Leased Housing Programs. When your household is due to recertify CHA must collect information from you in order to complete your recertification and determine your rental amount. Some programs require participants to recertify annually, while some require biennial (every 2 years) or triennial (every 3 years). CHA will reach out to you via mail when it is time for your recertification with instructions on how to complete your recertification.

If you need to complete your recertification, you may do so by completing the online form and uploading all required documentation here: Recertification Questionnaire

*This online form will allow you to complete all required information, sign all required releases, and upload or attach required verifications. CHA will accept pictures of documents as long as they are clear and legible. You can access the online form on a computer, laptop, smart phone or other mobile device.

Alternatively, if you are unable to complete the online forms then you may complete your recertification by completing the packet that CHA sent you in the mail, attaching all required verifications and documentation and mailing, faxing, e-mailing, or dropping off your paperwork to the CHA office during normal business hours.

If you have questions about the recertification process, please reach out to your Leasing Officer (their contact information will be listed on the letter you received from CHA, or you may call the main number and your call will be directed/forwarded to the appropriate staff person to assist you 617-864-3020.

Interim Recertification – Changes to Household Information

Have you had a change in income, household composition, or other household information? Most changes are required to be reported to CHA within 30 days of the change, although some changes may not be required to be reported until your next annual/biennial/triennial recertification. If you are unsure of whether a change needs to be reported, please contact your Leasing Officer.

To request an interim recertification, you may do so using the online form here: Interim Questionnaire.

In most cases CHA will also need you to upload verification of the change. For example, if you are no longer employed, CHA will need verification from the employer that you are no longer employed. Depending on the change, CHA may need to reach out to you for additional information before processing the change. For example, if you are requesting to add a member to your voucher or lease, CHA will need to collect all information and screen the member for eligibility and confirm with your landlord before the addition can be approved.

Request to Move

If you would like to move, you must complete the Request to Move form, update your income information with CHA and be approved by your Leasing Officer to move. Please note that there are a variety of factors that may affect whether or not you can be approved to move. For Tenant-Based voucher holders, you must have been in your current apartment for at least 1 year and you must be in good standing with CHA and with your landlord (i.e. you do not owe any rent to your landlord and you are up to date on utility payments or are current on a repayment agreement).

Complete the form and upload all required information and verification here: Request to Move

Additionally, CHA may also need you to complete the Recertification Questionnaire if you have not recently recertified with CHA.

For Project-Based participants, your assistance is limited to the unit you currently occupy, and is not mobile (i.e. you do not take the subsidy with you if you move). Therefore, if you are in a Project-Based unit and wish to move then you must first reach the top of the waiting list for a Tenant-Based (mobile) voucher or transfer before you can be approved to move (see section below on how to Apply to CHA Waiting Lists). CHA will reach out to you when you reach the top of the waiting list and let you know what additional information is needed to complete the process.

Finding an Apartment with a Housing Choice Voucher

Voucher holders may search for housing online, in newspapers, and in real estate publications. You should also check CHA’s weekly apartment list, which is updated as landlords with units to rent contact CHA. CHA does not offer formal housing search assistance to HCV participants.

Current Apartment Listings


BEWARE of scams and fraudulent listings. Cambridge Housing Authority (CHA) offers this platform as a convenience for owners and renters to connect with each other, however there is no guarantee of their accuracy. Renters are encouraged to do their own research and due diligence when conducting a housing search. CHA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on individual listings.

Avoid scams and DO NOT wire funds (e.g. Western Union) or rent a unit sight unseen.

Financial Stability and Savings Program (FSS+)

CHA and Compass Working Capital have partnered since 2012 to offer the Financial Stability and Savings Program (FSS+) to CHA residents.

  • FSS+ is an enhanced asset building and financial capability program.
  • FFS+ helps low income families and individuals build financial assets and knowledge to create pathways out of poverty. 
  • FSS+ participants have collectively saved $998,220 through the FSS+ program. 
  • Over 66 households have graduated from the CHA compass FSS+ program. 

If you are a current HCV Section 8 voucher holder and would like to participate in the FSS+ program please complete an FSS Application.

More information about FSS can be found here

Applying to CHA Waiting Lists

Current participants can still apply to other CHA waiting lists by completing the online application.

For example, if you have a Tenant-Based (mobile) voucher and are interested in a CHA-subsidized Project-Based unit – such as in public housing, a CHA-managed Section 8 unit, or a privately managed Section 8 unit, you may apply to the waiting lists for those developments.

Alternatively, you may be in a Project-Based unit and wish to apply for a Tenant-Based (mobile) voucher to move. Please note that you must be in your Project-Based unit for at least two (2) years before you are eligible to apply for and receive preference for a Tenant-Based (mobile) voucher.

Program Forms & Policy Documents

Please visit our Program Forms page for access to other important forms.

Please visit our Policy Documents page for access to policy documents