How do I know if I’m eligible for the Program?

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To be eligible for an apartment offer your income may not exceed the following amounts based on household size. For example, if you apply for a property within the New Construction (NC) program and your household consists of 3 persons (including adults and children), and your total household income is greater than $53,350 your household will NOT be eligible.

The chart below shows the maximum income allowable for each household size in order to be admitted into the specified housing program. Some housing programs are currently in transition and income limits will be subject to changes as housing programs undergo conversion.

Maximum Income Limits by Household Size

Program1 Person2 Persons3 Persons4 Persons5 Persons6 Persons7 Persons8 Persons
NC 50% AMI$41,500$47,400$53,350$59,250$64,000$68,750$73,500$78,250
100% LIHTC 60 % AMI$49,800$56,880$64,020$71,100$76,800$82,500$88,200$93,900
<100% LIHTC 60 & 80% AMI$49,800 & $62,450$56,880 & $71,400$64,020 & $80,300$71,100 & $89,200$76,800 & $96,350$82,500 & $103,500$88,200 & $110,650$93,900 & $117,750
PH, FPLI & RAD/ NON-LIHTC 80% AMI  $62,450  $71,400  $80,300  $89,200  $96,350  $103,500  $110,650  $117,750

Important Note: These income limits are subject to change annually during the first quarter of each year.

In addition to the income limits, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants cannot be a single full-time student under the age of 24 without dependents, (veterans and persons with disabilities are exempt from this requirement).
  • There must be at least one member of the household who is either a U.S. citizen or has eligible immigration status.
  • For more information on eligibility see Chapter 3 Section A of the Administrative Plan Part 2 for the RAD Developments at under the section “About the CHA.”