How do I maintain my status as an applicant on the waitlists?

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Generally, pre-applications are processed by CHA within 30 days of confirmation.

  • Applicants should wait 30 days from the time of submission of a pre-application to make changes.
  • Notify CHA of any changes in your information. Once you have submitted a pre-application, it is your responsibility to notify CHA of any changes in your household composition, contact information, income and/or selection preferences, by logging in to the applicant portal at and updating your information.
  • Make sure that you can and will receive mail at any address that you have provided to CHA to use as your mailing address.
  • Correspondence that is returned to CHA marked as “unknown,” “return to sender,” “forwarding address unknown,” or “no such address” will result in an applicant’s removal from all CHA waitlists.
  • For more information on the waitlist policies (including preferences) see Chapter 3 of Part 2 of the Administrative Plan for RAD Developments at program at under the section “About the CHA.”

Some changes in household composition may affect your original date and time of application.

  • If you have a change in household composition, due to birth, adoption, court ordered permanent custody or marriage; divorce, death, or other decrease in family size; or the addition of a live-in aide and your existing development choices do not have the appropriate bedroom size for your new household composition, CHA will allow you to make new development selections for any open SBWL and retain your original date and time of application.
  • A new date and time of application will be applied to any new wait list selections for all other changes in household composition.