How do I make my waitlist selection(s)?

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Under CHA’s Family and Elderly Housing programs, you select the site-based wait list (SBWL) only for the properties where you are willing to reside. Individuals and families who are screened and found eligible for one of our Family and Elderly Housing programs will be offered an apartment at the relevant property when one becomes available. Refusal of the offer without good cause results in the household’s removal from all Family and Elderly Housing SBWLs. That is why it is important that you select only the properties where you know you want to live.

  • Select SBWL(s) for which you fall below the maximum income limit for admission. (See Maximum Income Limit chart on page 2.)
  • Select SBWL(s) for properties that have apartments with the number of bedrooms that your household needs. (See chart on apartment size requirements on page 3.)
  • Select SBWL(s) with properties in areas of the city where you are willing to live.
  • If you select a SBWL for “elderly/disabled only,” it means that the head of household, co-head or spouse must be at least 58 years of age or have a disability. (Disability status must be verified at the time of screening.)
  • You should take a look at the fact sheets for the waitlists before making your selection(s). The fact sheets will provide more detailed information about the properties.