What are Housing Quality Inspections (HQS) and why are they necessary for units I have under contract with CHA?

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HQS inspections are required by HUD to ensure minimum housing quality standards are met in units subsidized under HUD voucher programs. There are several different types of inspections:

  • The “initial inspection” must occur and pass before CHA can approve a tenant for move-in and enter into a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract with an owner.
  • A “special Inspection” or “complaint inspection” is an inspection that would occur at the request of the Landlord (LL) or tenant.
  • “Annual or biennial inspections” are required to be completed and pass every year or every other year, depending on what program the subsidized tenant is in.
  • “Quality Control (QC) inspections” occur to verify the inspection company is accurately inspecting apartments. A random selection of units/inspections are chosen each month to be re-inspected by a QC inspector.