What are some of CHA’s current or recently completed construction projects?

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Completed Construction

  • Modernization of St. Paul’s Residence ($5.5M project, completed October 2020)
  • Modernization of Garfield Street Apartments ($2.5M project, completed February 2020)
  • Modernization of Russell Apartments ($14M project, completed March 2019)
  • Revitalization of Manning Apartments ($66M project, completed October 2018)
  • Comprehensive Modernization of Putnam Gardens ($25M project, completed)
  • Comprehensive Modernization of Newtowne Court ($48M project, completed December 2017)

Construction “In Progress”

  • $110M Revitalization of Millers River Apartments (work in progress)
  • $68M Burns Apartments Revitalization (work in progress)
  • $33M Roosevelt Towers Low Rise Modernization (work in progress)
  • $12M Comprehensive Modernization of 78-80 Porter Road (work in progress)

The scope of work of these projects varies but includes interior renovation, building system and envelope upgrades, accessibility and site improvements. All of the projects listed above have required some level of relocation for resident safety and to expedite the completion of the work at each site.

The work highlighted above represents a total of approximately $235 million in improvements.