What are the incentives for the landlord (LL) renting to an HCV tenant?

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  1. The Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) is guaranteed rent while in compliance with HCV requirements.
  2. Security Deposit – If the LL agrees in writing to accept a reduced security deposit not exceeding the higher of one month’s tenant portion of the rent or $200, CHA will pay the balance of the full contract rent for confirmed tenant damages. Owners must execute a document with the tenant describing the condition of the apartment at commencement of the lease. The written form to reduce the security deposit is in the RFTA packet.
  3. Vacancy payments – If the LL agrees in writing to waive the last month’s rent requirement, they may receive a vacancy payment of 80% of one month’s contract rent if tenant vacates without notice and without paying last month’s rent. This includes instances where the tenant has passed away. The written form to waive the last month’s rent in in the RFTA packet. If a LL requires the last month’s rent from the participant they may still access the vacancy payment of 80% of contract rent if they accept another CHA voucher participant. This would be paid regardless of whether the original tenant vacates early. The payment will be prorated if another tenant is leased within the month following the original tenant vacating.