What are the inspections for and when will they happen?

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Inspections are required by HUD to ensure minimum housing quality standards are met. Although, HUD states that hopefully each apartment will surpass the HQS standards. The inspections could happen at four different times, the initial inspection, a special inspection, a biennial inspection, and a quality control inspection.

  1. Initial inspection is the required first inspection in order to lease a HCV/PBA tenant.
  2. Special Inspection is an inspection that would occur at the request of the Landlord (LL) or tenant. For example if the LL believes that the tenant has caused damage beyond the normal wear and tear or the tenant utilities are shut off for non-payment then the LL can request an interim inspection.
  3. Biennial Inspections happen every other year as is required by HUD.
  4. Quality Control (QC) inspections occur to verify the inspection company is accurately inspecting apartments.