What is the Payment Standard and how may it affect the rent increase process?

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  • The payment standard is the maximum subsidy CHA can pay on behalf of a family. Each year, CHA establishes payment standards based on the HUD-established Fair Market Rents (FMR) for the area. CHA’s current payment standards are listed here: https://cambridge-housing.org/iam/voucherholders/rates.asp. The payment standards are set according to zip code and the unit size or voucher size (whichever is lower).
  • If the landlord (LL) requests a rent that is above the payment standard that CHA can approve then: (1) The LL can either lower the requested amount so that it is within the payment standard; (2) The tenant has the option to pay more than 30% of their  income (as long as it does not exceed 40% of their income, or otherwise approved by CHA); or (3) The tenant can use their voucher to move to another unit.
  • The payment standard is only updated during an annual or biennial recertification. Even if the payment standards have changed, CHA will use the payment standard that was in effect at the participant’s last annual or biennial recertification when determining the rent amounts.