VIDEO: City of Cambridge Highlights Restoration of Mosaic Artwork at CHA’s Millers River Apartments


The Cambridge Housing Authority has partnered with the Cambridge Arts Council to restore the neighborhood favorite mosaic tile art pieces that were once visible on the Cambridge Street side of Millers River Apartments, prior to modernization work carried out by the agency at the property.

The pieces were curated in 1979 by local artist and active community member, Lilli Ann Rosenberg, along with help from neighborhood youths and Millers River residents.

Construction on the 300 units at Millers River started in January 2019, and is now nearly complete. Work proceeded from the top of the building down. Every building system was replaced or upgraded, and a new air conditioning system has been installed. The building has been cladded with an insulated metal panel.

A new community center was constructed as an addition to the building. Also, thirteen new handicapped accessible units have been constructed as part of the construction work.

Pictured above: CHA Director of Planning and Development for Planning, Clara Fraden, provides insights and information about the Millers River mosaic tiles to members of the City’s Cambridge Arts Council prior to restoration efforts.