Women’s History Month Q&A Feature: Jasmine Vega-Williams, District Housing Manager


Jasmine Vega-Williams started at the Cambridge Housing Authority in 2018 and currently serves as District Housing Manager.

What do you enjoy most about your position at the CHA?

“Helping people and the CHA culture.”

What qualities make a great leader?

“Leading by example, effective communication, and a required skill set to implement those qualities in a business setting. Leaders focus on developing others.”

Why is it important to close the gender gap?

“Women have been fighting for equality for years, and it is important to show diversity and inclusivity regarding women in today’s business atmosphere.”

If you could meet anyone from the past or present, who would it be?

“Selena: Her band was often turned down by Texas music venues because of the members’ ages and because Selena was their lead singer. Her father was often told by promoters that Selena would never be successful because she was a woman in a genre historically dominated by men. Her music wasn’t really accepted at first. I would love to understand her mindset and drive. She never gave up and became one of the most famous Latina singers.”

A key female figure to your professional or personal development/career path – and why:

“Joyce Myers has been one of the most influential female figures in both my professional and personal development. Joyce is a motivational speaker who always delivers the right words at the right time. Her words of encouragement and wisdom have carried me through many trials and setbacks.“

Favorite quote: “It is not as important how we start, but how we finish.” – Joyce Myers

What would you say to your younger self and to women who will enter the workforce in the coming years?

“Stay true to who you are, be honest, and always value hard work.”

Keep an eye out for more Q&A employee features throughout the month of March in honor of Women’s History Month.